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National Southern Miss Suggested Walk Pattern
The suggested pattern of walk below is not required to be done this particular way.
It is walk & pattern of choice!
You should be prepared for your walk (pattern of choice) prior to the pageant. There is no rehearsal.

   4                             2                              3
                                                                                                                                                  "Podium" for On/Stage Question

(Baby & Tiny will not be receiving an on-stage question.)
Little - Mrs. will receive their on-stage question at point #3 during their walk.
So their walk must include a stop at point #3 at podium.
(Little - Mrs.) will introduce themselves at the beginning of the pageant center stage at the microphone provided,
immediately after the parade of contestants.
Introduction attire will be your National Southern Miss shirt and khaki bottoms.
(Little - Mrs.) will introduce themselves beginning with Little National Southern Miss, then contestant #1 from the Little Division followed by #2, #3 & so on.
Once you introduce yourself at Podium you will need to exit the stage.
Next:  Introductions. (5% of score for Little, Junior, Teen, Miss & Mrs.)
 Littlle - Mrs. Contestants will have a on-stage question (5% of score) at podium, during their individual walk.

Suggested Introduction: (Name, division, contestant number, title, state, system, & a little flavor is ok, but keep it under 20 seconds.)
Baby, Teeny & Tiny will not do introduction and will not have an on stage question.
Little, Junior, Teen, Miss & Mrs. Will do introductions at opening 5%
& then have a On-Stage Question 5% which will come from their Interview or BIO's at podium during their walk.
Judges Panel will be of the highest caliber for your pageant!

Any Questions please feel free to call us.
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