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Miss Yuppie Girl Pageant
2014 Miss Yuppie Girl Pageant Queens
Earlybird Entry Special is Enter by March 1st & cost for everything is only $75.
Come Join us March 16, 2014 for a Duck Dynasty/Country themed good time!!!!

Enter on or before March 1st and get everything for $75!!!!!!!!!!!

All contestants have an option to go to Miss Georgia Palm at a discounted price...(Prelim for National Southern Miss)

• Entry Fee is $75.00 (includes entry, prettiest dress, prettiest hair & best personality)
• Baby (0-23 months) Teeny (2-3) Tiny (4-6)Little (7-9) Junior (10-12) Teen (13-16) Miss (17-24)Ms.(25&above, married, divorced, mother, etc.)
• Will serve as a prelim to Miss Georgia Palm Pageant (September), which is a prelim to National Southern Miss Pageant(November). Participation is NOT REQUIRED, but fees will be discounted for participants.

• Baby & Teeny& Tiny
o On-stage competition wearing heirloom or pageant dress
o OPTIONAL Photogenic, Modeling (OOC) competitions available
• Little – Miss
o Will compete in introduction, walk, and on-stage question.
o Introduction – can be anything 20 seconds or less, including name & contestant number.
o In tribute to Duck Dynasty, wear any camouflage/ country-themed outfit of choice for introduction.
o Gown walk – wear pageant dress/gown of choice.
o On-stage question will be asked at the end of gown walk and will come from the contestant’s bio that the judges will see.
o Optional Interview, Photogenic,& Modeling (OOC) competitions are available. The optional competitions do not affect the contestant’s overall score.
• Pageant Day Schedule (Tentative! Subject to change!)
o 11:00 Dressing room opens
o 12:30 – 1:15 Little, & Junior Interviews (3 minutes) (stage open for rehearsal)
o 1:30 – 2:00 Teen & Miss interviews (5 minutes) (stage open for rehearsal)
o 2:00 Stage is closed; auditorium doors are opened to the audience.
o 3:00 Pageant Begins
• People’s Choice/Ambassador
o There will be a People’s choice award in each age division. The People’s Choice award goes to the contestant with the most $1.00 votes in their age division.
o An Ambassador Queen will be crowned. This will be the contestant who raises the most OVERALL money. (includes ad sales, sponsorships & people’s choice votes)
• Supreme titles available! Please see the Supreme Title Information sheet for details!
• Programs/Ad Sales
o Each contestant will need to submit a picture for the program by Friday, March7th. If pictures are not submitted by then, or if you enter the pageant after that date, there will be a crown or pageant-related clipart in the place of your picture.
o ADS – It is not mandatory to sell ads but there will be an award presented for the ad sales winner. Ad sales must also be submitted by Friday, March7th in order to be printed in the program. ¼ page $15, ½ page $25, whole page $50- complete form with checklist.
• Contact Directors:
o Kim Meredith– (229)
o Casey Alday- (229) 220-0018
o Submit all paperwork to Kim Meredith.
3699 Tired Creek Rd.; Whigham, GA 39897
o Make all checks payable to Casey Alday.

SUPREME TITLES AVAILABLE! Please see Page 6 for details!

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